Mathematical Engineering students can attend seminars to complete 3 CFU as “Further Activities”. A series of seminars  is organized by the MS program, Colloquia in Mathematical Engineering. Students are encouraged to attend seminars organized by other centers and Institutions depending on their specific interests.




Every student will be assigned a supervisor and will choose the subject of the thesis according to the suggestions of supervisor.  If supervisor is not a member of Committee of Mathematical Engineering, a co-supervisor will be assigned who must be an academic staff member of Committee of Mathematical Engineering.

When the master’s thesis starts, the student submits the subject of their thesis and the name of supervisor to Ufficio Supporto alla Gestione della Valutazione della Didattica e della Ricerca e Supporto Informatico of Department of Mathematics and Applications “R.Caccioppoli” , by filling the Assessment Form Master's Thesis. This form’s validity lasts 12 months.

All students must defend their master's thesis. Such a defense consists of an oral presentation and answering questions from a Committee. The student has to submit his application for the defense of the master’s thesis to Segreteria Studenti of Area Didattica di Scienze, during the first 15 days of the month before the defense of their master's thesis.

The student has to submit their master’s thesis and the pdf file of an abstract to Ufficio Supporto alla Gestione della Valutazione della Didattica e della Ricerca e Supporto Informatico 15 days before the defense of master’s thesis.

As far as the substantive aspect is concerned, it is especially important to choose the right level of detail that allows the student to give a clear picture of the problem and developed solutions within the time limit: 20 minutes are provided for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions.

This is a general text concerning the master's thesis for the master program in Mathematical Engineering in University of Naples Federico II. In addition to these guidelines, more specific information can be found on “Regolamento della prova finale della laurea magistrale” below.

A possible template for the master thesis is available here  (by dott. E. Prezioso)





The Department of Mathematics has joined the Mathematician Desk for Italian industry (Sportello Matematico per l'Industria Italiana)